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"BIGGER THAN LIVE" - a new level of entertainment

Take your event to the VIRTUAL STAGE.

3 dimensional, emotional & customized for your target group.

Your design, your content, your vision.

All your viewers sitting in the 1st row.

Reach your recipients live and through the net at the same time. And on top - in a stunning personal customized environment.

The 3D environment reacts in real-time to all moves of the camera and matches the live performance with your fantasy world. Let's go creative together for "bigger than live" events!

We combine our expertise in digital & analog events, visualization, movie, live production, music & film production, virtual & hybrid events, international stars, actors, hosts, speakers and live entertainment concepts.

Think about your presentation with live shows, lasers, moving 3D video contents, areal acts and many more. This all combined with stunning new technology in the event scene.

Depending on all contents we use the Unreal engine or Microsoft's virtual stage. Professional cameramen and lighting will bring your concert or presentation to a new level.


is an entertainment cooperation of Brandatmosphere,

LEGRAIN Productions and

Stefan Lohmann - Talent Buyer & Booking Agent

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