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Thank you Mr. President


Short film

LEGRAIN Productions /

Studio Babelsberg

Director:   Lenn Kudrjawizki

A book:   Bob Konrad / Lenn Kudrjawizki 

Camera:  Daniel Gottschalk

Music:   Felix Neumann / Lenn Kudrjawizki


Nicole Heesters (Mrs. President)

Francisca Tu  (Mrs. President)

Susanne Wuest (shorthand typist)

Tim Williams (Mr. President)

Tayfun Bademsoy (Mr. President)

Frank Roder (Mr. President)

Martin Umbach (Mr. President)

Bhasker Patel (Mr. President)

Jurij Rosstalnyij (Mr. President)


Piet Schmelz  

Assistant director: Sabine Weyrich,

Sabine Doering   

Producer:  Lenn Kudrjawizki   

Co-producers: Christoph Fisser,

Dr. Carl Woebken, Felix Neumann 

Camera assistant: Max Zaher 

Producer: Till Schmerbeck  

Location manager: Uli Menzel 

Film management: Annick Wiedenmann 

Video operator: Björn Bollman 

Production driver: Ilja Mirkin,

Marcel Brückner 

Production intern: Marie Lubic  

Set recording management: Marcel Lehmann 

Script Continuity: Josune Aparicio-Vogl  

Casting: Anja Dihrberg  

Material assistant: Nils Benjamin Frik 

Camera stage: Jörg Langelüttich 

Camera stage assistant:

Tina Lea Künnemann  

Costume design: Inga Kusche 

Cloakroom: Esther Zahn 

Mask: Waldemar Pokromski,

Katja Weinhold, Viola De La Torre  

Sound: Thomas Peters 

Sound assistant: Sebastian Bach,

Torsten Bredhorst  

Production design: Kai Bagsik 

Production design assistant: Antje Krug  

Set design: Karsten Barthel 

Interior props: Markus Wegner 

Interior props: Assistant to Kiderlen Lisa  

Oberbeleuchter: Sascha Wolfram 

Still photographer: Urs Kuckertz  


Assistant editor: Olivia Retzer  

Catering: Paula Möhring,

Optimahl Catering GmbH  

SFX: Nefzer Babelsberg GmbH

Gerd Feuchter  

Sound design: Tatjana Jakob  

Post production: the work

Wolf bosses 

Footage: Kodak AG

Franziska Heller  

Set Construction: Michael Düwel 

Art Department: Jürgen Graumann 

Props: Eckhard Wolf  

Making Of: Mattias Frik   

Artwork:  Nora Boesel

supported by  Arri Rental

Thomas Loher, Ute Baron

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Thank you Mr. President

DVD / props

produced by LEGRAIN Productions


Anytime, anywhere. 7 heads of state and government negotiate in a fictitious Security Council the violation of resolution 4114: A republic opposes the call for disarmament. The mood is tense, the faces serious. At this table you decide about war and peace. Nevertheless: business as usual for the presidents. Suddenly, however, the leading head of state leaves the path of diplomacy. Only a miracle can save the world from the inevitable bloodshed now ... 

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